The world has entered an energy transition

Clean energy and clean steel production can help enable climate, energy and economic security, clean our air, reduce pollution and competition for fresh water and contribute to prosperity for all

Our mission

Our mission is to secure a safe climate, clean air and prosperity through encouraging a just transition in the power and steel sectors in time to achieve the world’s commitments made at the Paris Climate Conference in 2015.

Our work
and initiatives

PIE supports leading organisations to work with governments, business and societies to overcome the barriers to clean energy and clean steel and to achieve our common goals of a safe climate, clean air and a just energy transition.

Our partners

We support brilliant leaders and experts in institutions and organisations working at the global level and in some key countries around the world.

About us

PIE works with charitable foundations and regional climate foundations to support a diverse set of research institutions, think tanks and civil society organisations working with governments, business and other parts of society all over the world. We aim to back local organisations and international partners to overcome the barriers to clean energy and steel. Our team comprises experts with a background in government, the private sector, civil society and international institutions.